About Us

Started as an initiative in 2019 and founded in 2021, Motive Engineering brings a unique concept to its customers. Together, we develop a strong value proposition and a clear road to a successful product launch.

Serving development partnership

We have shaped our business to a serving concept that has long proven itself in many areas of industry: Development Partnering & Suppliership.

Uniquely business driven Product Inception and Support

Where we differ fundamentally from most development partners, is in the way we actively bring your Business Management into the equation. Our specialized consultants roll out a unique method that creates products from a business perspective, emphasizing value and cutting risk.

Our customers find unique capabilities in us that they cannot or will not implement in their own businesses or prefer to only develop over time. We develop and supply software components or entire products that augment and fortify our customer’s businesses. This means we develop long term relationships, not only involving development, but also production outsourcing, service, upgrade development, documentation and quality assurance support.

New business development

Next to partnering with existing businesses, we are keen to be part of new business development. By kick-starting innovative businesses, convincing investors with solid proofs of concept and developing academic results into enticing and professional products, we provide a unique and efficient route to success. With a large network of entrepreneurial contacts, we can bring together partners and help to make concepts become businesses.

Spearhead Fields

We have identified several spearhead fields that we currently focus on. If you have specific attachment to any of these, we warmly invite you to explore possible co-operations.

  • Medical Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Processing
  • Industrial Quality Control

Product Inception

A 360-degree view beyond traditional requirements finding

Full Product Fitness

A product definition and a development plan that are market driven, risk-stratified, prioritized and consciously supported by all major stakeholders from all relevant disciplines in your company, suitably underpinned by their realistic capabilities. That is exactly what you will hold in your hands at the end of our Product Inception Track.
In short: Full Product Fitness.

A 360-degree view

Our unique Product Inception Track, based on the concept of Full Product Fitness, has proven to be a very strong starting point for successful development. Without exception, successful products are market and company capability driven. Therefore, we invariably put Business Management in the driver seat when it comes to defining development tracks.

From initial scope statements to fully developed engineering tracks, all is driven by the triad of business goals, operational capabilities, and engineering possibilities.

Empowered by strong engineering

Needless to say, we fly in the all-important engineering capabilities, both from your own organization and, if needed, our own, to bring the ideas to reality and reality to the ideas.

Agnostic to development partnering

Our process is fully agnostic to whether you like to leave development to us, involve a third party or have your own development team take on the job. Freedom is yours.

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Development partnering
Supported by our unique Product Inception Track, we are often capable of offering surprising efficiency to customers who decide to partner with us in development of their software.
It is not uncommon for us to offer fixed-price terms for development, after having completed a Full Product Fitness track for customers. In fact, it is what we strive for.
Furthermore, we have a wide array of components, worked-out patterns and ready-to-go algorithms at our disposal to help projects move forward much quicker than most customers expect.

Long term co-operations and supplierships

We value partnerships above all else. Long term co-operations are a natural part of our business philosophy. Although, technically, a young enterprise, Motive Engineering carries a long history of partnerships that came together in this new venture.

Examples of long-term co-operations are

  • Supplierships, taking responsibility for updates, fault handling and customer service
  • Roadmap development, applying our Full Product Fitness method to your longer-term strategy
  • Training of personnel in Full Product Fitness
  • Strategic staffing and augmentation of your teams
  • Joint ventures in strategic markets


Meet our team

Motive Engineering offers long-standing and in-depth knowledge in multiple domains, both technical and at executive business management/development level. We operate in teams that represent both sides of the medal, right from the first contact.
Contact us to learn more about our Product Inception Teams and other capabilities. Looking forward to our first meeting!

Erik Agterhuis, Phd

CEO co-founder

30 years experience in business development and engineering. 

Particually skilled in Artificial Intelligency automation and algorithms in natural phenomonals.

Key areas:

  • Business Development
  • Process Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Artificial Intelligence design & implementation

Dennis Harmsen, BsE

CTO co-founder

Allround solution architect, Bachelor of Engineering in Information technology

20 years experience in software architecture, design and implementation

Key areas:

  • Component Based Development
  • System interoperability
  • Test Driven Development
  • Quality Assurance

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